Bluffton Resident Giving Ghost Stories Presentation

Bluffton resident Fred Steiner will present “Where Bluffton’s Ghosts Sleep,” given at 2 p.m., Sunday, October 30th, in the Folsom Auditorium of the Allen County Historical Museum, 620 West Market Street in Lima.

Steiner will share unexplained stories about his hometown collected during a career as editor of the Bluffton News and Bluffton Icon. These range from the native American era to today.

Stories include mystery beasts, a 1920 UFO, ghost sightings, graveyard incidents, a woman almost buried before she was dead and mysterious events surrounding a Revolutionary War veteran’s grave in rural Bluffton.

“Every town has its ghost stories,” said Steiner.

“Like many of these, Bluffton’s stories have several versions, developed from oral history.  I’ve documented the sources of stories I’ll share, helping listeners gain an understanding of each story’s origin.”

The talk includes a PowerPoint, showing photographs and news clippings.

Steiner grew up in Bluffton where he lives and has a history website