CCW Registration Temporarily Unavailable In Hancock County

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office says it won’t be able to process concealed carry applications for a few weeks as it makes changes to adhere to COVID-19 restrictions.

CCW registration will not be available from Saturday, November 21st through Sunday, December 6th.

Beginning on Monday, December 7th, the sheriff’s office will start having people set up an appointment for CCW registration.

Appointments may be set by calling 419-424-7098.

The appointments will occur 15 minutes apart, and people are asked to wait inside their vehicle outside the sheriff’s office until they receive a call.

People applying for a CCW license should have all the necessary documents and a form of payment ready before arriving for their appointment.

The sheriff’s office says it apologizes for any inconvenience this creates, but says it’s attempting to comply with all COVID-19 restrictions set forth by Governor DeWine, and that the new process will help ensure a safe environment for both the public and their staff.

Click here for more information on the CCW licensing process.