Church Places Baby Jesus Boxes Containing Goodies In Nativity

Arlington United Methodist Church is having some fun with the season a year their Baby Jesus was stolen from their Nativity along North Main Street in Arlington.

The church said Baby Jesus was eventually returned and it got them thinking about a way to share Jesus with the world and entire community.

“So as a token of that spirit we are going to have a little fun with this season. So this year, if you want Jesus, you can take Him!!!” the church said on their Facebook page.

“If you stop by our nativity you will find in the cradle a box. You will find the Baby Jesus on the box. You can take that box. In it you will find some goodies, Christmas ornaments, and other surprises. It is our gift to you in this season. There will be one box a day set out at random times. Now please!!! Leave the rest of the Holy Family alone. They are waiting for Jesus.”

“On Christmas Eve our “real” Baby Jesus will return. Please just enjoy his presence. We don’t need to repeat last year.”