City Attorney Voices Frustration On Lack Of Gun Control Measures

(ONN) – Supporters of stronger gun control measures have applauded Governor Mike DeWine’s call for expanded background checks and for judges to be able to take guns from people considered to be a threat.

But their frustration is evident as well, and some are letting their anger show.

Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein has pushed for tougher gun measures in the capital city and wants a ban on assault weapons.

“There’s no reason in our country why these are on our streets,” Klein said.

“No other country has this problem, and when they do they act swiftly. We’re the only ones who sit back and throw up our hands and say there’s nothing we can do about it. That’s bullcrap.”

Governor DeWine’s proposal did not include a weapons ban or high capacity restrictions he says that’s best left to the federal government.