City Of Findlay 2023 Budget

People can review the City of Findlay 2023 Budget In Brief and full budget on the city’s website.

The city recently held its 2023 budget hearings and you can watch the hearings below or by clicking here.

Mayor Christina Muryn said although the 2023 proposed general fund budget does have a deficit projection of around $3.4 million, she’s confident that their team will continue to manage operations throughout the year to ensure that a strong cash position is maintained.

The mayor says the main changes in the 2023 proposed budget are wage increases of 3 percent permanent and 3 percent temporary adjustment, along with increased costs in fuel, chemicals and construction supplies.

As for 2022, Mayor Muryn said, through careful management of taxpayer dollars, department operations are projected to come in around $2 million under the revised budget.

Additionally, she said the City of Findlay income tax revenue has come in stronger than expected and is anticipated to be around $38 million by the end of the year.

Mayor Muryn says she’s excited for the future that is ahead of Findlay.

“With a strong team, diverse economy, strong fiscal and strategic planning, we are well positioned to continue to be a world class community.”