City Warning Postal Delays May Affect Delivery Of Bills

The City of Findlay is urging residents to take measures to ensure their water and sewer bills are received and paid in a timely manner.

The city says, as of October 1st, the United States Postal Service implemented new service standards that increase time-in-transit by 1 or 2 days for certain first-class mail, meaning it may take up to 5 days to deliver some first-class mail.

The city says, these delays, along with the upcoming holiday rush may affect how soon residents receive mail, including the City of Findlay Water and Sewer bills.

It may also cause a delay in receiving payment of your bills.

To avoid delays in receiving billing statements and possible late fees, the city is urging people to consider enrolling in the many ways to receive and pay your bill.

The best way to ensure bills are received and payments are made in a timely manner is to:

1) Register with to receive your bills via email.
2) Complete an Autopay Agreement form to have payments drafted from your bank account on the due date.

The link to register to receive your bills via email and the fillable Autopay Agreement form, as well as more ways to receive and pay your bill, can be found in the Bill Pay section of the City of Findlay Water/Sewer Billing Office website at and on the back of your Water/Sewer Billing statements.

As a reminder, payments can be dropped off in the lobby during normal business hours or placed in one of the two drop boxes at the City of Findlay Water/Sewer Billing Office located at 136 North Blanchard Street and or the one located at the City of Findlay Municipal Building at 318 Dorney Plaza.

People may contact the Water/Sewer Billing Office for assistance or with further questions at 419-424-7190.