City Warns Residents About Companies Making False Energy Service Claims

The City of Findlay says some companies are making false energy service claims.

The city issued the following statement.

The City of Findlay has received reports from residents and businesses that Hudson Energy and potentially other energy companies are stating that they are with the Citys aggregation program. They are not. The companies that the City of Findlay has a contract with for the gas aggregation program is Volunteer Energy and for the electric aggregation program is MidAmerican Energy Services.

Any company that is not a Findlay based business going door to door selling products or services are also required to have a Solicitor License from the City of Findlay. The license expires at the end of each year. They should be able to show you a paper license as well as an ID badge from the City of Findlay. If they are not able to produce these documents, you may contact the Police Department at 419-424-7150 to report it.

The Citys gas aggregation program with Volunteer Energy expires November 2019. The City will be renewing its contract with Volunteer Energy. Letters with information regarding rates and terms will be sent out by early October.

The Citys electric aggregation program with MidAmerican Energy Services expires March 2021.