Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Sunny Farms Landfill

2/12/19 – 7:28 A.M.

Three people have filed a class action lawsuit against the Sunny Farms Landfill near Fostoria. Plaintiffs Myra Spires, Nikki Frisch, and Nate Heiser all claim odors from the landfill have reduced their property values.

The suit alleges the landfill has, “failed to sufficiently collect, capture, and destroy landfill gas generated at its landfill to prevent fugitive emissions and to otherwise prevent odors from the landfill and pollution treatment plant from invading the homes and property of the plaintiffs”

The suit also says more than 150 households have contacted the landfill to document the odors. The group wants to represent businesses and residents who live within 10 miles of the landfill.

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