Commissioner Brian Robertson Answers Questions About Blanchard River Maintenance

7/3/17 – 5:30 A.M.

There are several questions that come up when it comes to maintenance and the Blanchard River. Hancock County Commissioner Brian Robertson recently sat down with us to answers some of those questions. Robertson says a common misconception is that Hancock County can act on its own for maintenance projects…

Audio:Brian Robertson

Robertson says even plans to clean up the Dalzell Ditch required the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to sign off on the permit for the project.

A common complaint often heard about Blanchard River is that trees removed from the river aren’t taken out of the floodplain. Robertson says it’s not the best plan, but it is more cost effective…

Audio:Brian Robertson

Robertson says the lower price point is a big part of getting other counties involved in funding the project to sign off on it.

The Hancock County Commissioners would like to see more Blanchard River maintenance in the future. Robertson says the county sales tax paid for Hancock County’s share of the 2013 river maintenance…

Audio:Brian Robertson

Robertson says a part of the proposed three-quarter percent sales tax could pay for regular river maintenance, as well as other flood reduction projects.