County Road 180 Closing At State Route 15 For Overpass Project

Beginning on Thursday, May 4th drivers won’t be able to use County Road 180 to get across State Route 15 a little southeast of Findlay until an overpass project is completed.

County Road 180 will be closed as crews begin work on the new overpass that will take County Road 180 over State Route 15.

The project is anticipated to take about six months to complete and should be finished in the fall.

The project is one of two overpasses under construction along State Route 15 in Hancock County, with the other one at County Road 169 and State Route 15 near Vanlue.

Hancock County Engineer Doug Cade (video below) says the projects will improve safety by eliminating crashes which have become more frequent over the years as traffic has increased.

ODOT expects State Route 15 to be open with lane restrictions during construction of the overpasses.

Due to safety concerns, ODOT says County Road 8 will also close at State Route 15 during the project, and ODOT supports removing access there permanently with cul-de-sacs.

In preparation for the project, in 2021, Hancock County improved County Road 172 for better access to the State Route 15 interchanges on U.S. 68 and State Route 37.

Get more information about the overpass projects, and other area road construction projects, by clicking here.