Many Participate In Findlay Municipal Court Safe Surrender Day

The Findlay Municipal Court’s sixth annual Safe Surrender Day was a success.

During the event on April 27th, people with outstanding arrest warrants were able to appear in court without the fear of going to jail.

These individuals were able to address the issues which caused the bench warrant.

There were 73 people who attended the event and 94 warrants were cleared.

“The defendants who appeared were all held accountable for their offenses and provided a chance to make things right with the Court,” said Chief Probation Officer Candace Griffith.

For example, a large number of those who appeared needed to complete community service hours.

Several had their jail time rescheduled so as not to miss work.

Many had driver’s license issues resolved. Others arranged payment plans to pay court fines.

Judge Alan Hackenberg and Judge Stephanie Bishop expressed their appreciation to everyone who contributed to the success of the day.

A special thanks was extended to the Findlay Police Department and the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office who worked behind the scenes to make sure all of the arrest warrants were quickly removed from the system once the defendants were finished in court.

Also, staff from the Hancock County Public Defender’s Office and the City of Findlay Law Director’s Office were present to assist with resolving pending cases, which was an added benefit to the event.