Cross Talks Gas Tax In Hancock County

3/5/19 – 5:16 A.M.

State Representative Jon Cross held a town hall in Findlay about Governor Mike DeWine’s proposed gas tax increase. Around 40 people showed up at the Hancock County Engineer’s Office to discuss the issue. Cross says he supports reducing the amount of the tax increase. He also wants to phase the tax in over three years.

The current gas tax in Ohio is 28 cents per gallon. DeWine’s proposal calls for another 18 cents on top of that. The goal is to make up a $1 billion shortfall in ODOT’s maintenance and road upgrade budget.

A 46-cent gas tax in Ohio would generate $4.2 million in 2020 and $4.3 million in 2021 for each Ohio county. That’s compared to $2.4 million now. In Hancock County, each township would receive nearly $152,000 in 2020 if the gas tax passes.

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