Date Set For Floodwater Storage Basin Meeting In Findlay

The date has been set for a community meeting in Findlay to discuss the proposed Eagle Creek Floodwater Storage Basin.

The community meeting will be held on Monday, June 28th at 6:30 p.m. at the Old Mill Stream Centre at the Hancock County Fairgrounds.

“We will work to make sure all the questions are answered of any concerns people have,” said Tim Mayle, director of Findlay-Hancock County Economic Development and a board member on Blanchard River Watershed Solutions.

“We want to make sure everybody understands the project because we believe the project is beneficial to the community.”



Officials believe the basin, just south of Findlay, will reduce the 100-year flood elevation at Main Street by around a foot and a half, which is on top of the benefits being seen from other flood mitigation projects.

Mayle said it’s an exciting time because when you combine the basin project, the benching that’s been done and is planned, and other flood mitigation projects like replacing the Norfolk Southern Railroad bridge it will mean more than three feet of flood reduction at Main Street, giving people peace of mind.

In May, the Maumee Watershed Conservancy District Court voted to table their decision on the Eagle Creek Floodwater Storage Basin so a community meeting on the project could be held.

The Conservancy Court will meet again on July 9th to consider including the basin as part of their official plan.

The 600 to 800-acre storage basin would be constructed west of U.S. 68 and just north of Township Road 49 in Hancock County, just south of Findlay.