Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Talks About Spending Proposals And Healthcare

10/25/18 – 6:02 P.M.

Ohio gubernatorial candidate Rich Cordray was on WFIN this morning to talk about his campaign. He said that he is the candidate fighting for Ohioan’s healthcare.

Rich Cordray

Cordray claimed that his opponent Mike DeWine has shown that he does not support healthcare. According to Cordray, DeWine has voted for legislation that would take health care away from Ohioans with pre-existing conditions.

DeWine has claimed that Cordray’s spending proposals will lead to increased taxes. Cordray says this not true.

Rich Cordray

He explained that he would use budget surpluses to accomplish his goals.

Rich Cordray

Cordray said that the state had a surplus of over $670 million in the last fiscal year. He said that money can be used to support things like early childhood and workforce development.

He added that if there is another recession, he and DeWine will both have to rethink their spending proposals.