Disability Employment Awareness Month

Nadine Weininger with the Blanchard Valley Center in Findlay says National Disability Employment Awareness Month is held each year to commemorate the many talents of people with disabilities and their contributions to the workplace and economy.



She says Blanchard Valley Center will be holding a coffee chat with local business representatives to talk about different opportunities for businesses to employ people with disabilities.

Blanchard Valley Center’s Mission Statement is to provide resources and support that empowers people with developmental disabilities to live lives with meaning and purpose.

Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn and the Hancock County Commissioners both issued proclamations declaring October as Disability Employment Awareness Month in the city and county, calling upon employers, schools and other community organizations throughout Findlay and Hancock County to observe the month with appropriate programs and activities

The Blanchard Valley Center says it’s evident that Findlay and the surrounding communities value the contributions made in the workplace by people with disabilities.