Distracted Driving Awareness Month

The month of April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol says, with advances in technology and mobile devices, distracted driving has emerged as a major contributor to crashes and deaths on the roadways.

Lt. Grigsby says the Distracted Driving Corridor just south of Findlay on I-75 is educating drivers about the dangers of distracted driving and making them aware of law enforcement’s intense focus on stopping it.



The Lt. says talking or texting on cell phones, eating, and other distractions continue to cause crashes that have lifelong consequences for both violators and victims.

During the past five years, male drivers were more likely than their female counterparts to be the ones distracted in distracted driving crashes (55 percent vs 44 percent).

In fatal crashes, males made up 64 percent of distracted drivers.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol last summer unveiled a Distracted Driving Dashboard.

The dashboard includes a detailed view of crashes and violations across Ohio and the important work that troopers are doing to reduce distracted driving.