Downtown Findlay Getting A New Kiosk And Safer Crosswalks

05/04/18 – 5:40 P.M.

Downtown Findlay was the topic of discussion during the Republican First Friday Luncheon. Convention and Visitor’s Bureau’s Alyssa Preston said that there are two print Kiosks to talk about what’s happening downtown. She added that they are looking to upgrade.

Alyssa Preston

She said that this will allow people to stop and see what’s around before deciding where to go. The board will also be associated with an app. Preston said that they hope to have the kiosk finished by this summer.

Mayor Mihalik added that Findlay isn’t done with the mid-block crosswalks put in downtown. She explained that they want them to be safer…

Lydia Mihalik

Mihalik said that she is eager to get this project done and see what the crosswalks look like. She added that this will be done at the same time as flowers are planted in the medians.