Elderly At Risk In Opioid Epidemic

09/17/18 – 6:01 P.M.

Putnam County Crime Victim Services reports that the opioid epidemic has a negative impact on the elderly. Elder victim advocate Becca Peckinpaugh explained that the epidemic can cause medication misuse and abuse by elders and family members suffering from addiction.

She said medication misuse by the elderly can lead to self-neglect. Peckinpaugh explains that this can cause physical harm and mental anguish. she added that this could be done by accident if an elderly person takes too much of their medication.

She added that the older you are the harder it is for your body to handle opioids. She said the largest age group for overdoes from opiate use was 45-55-years-old. This makes up 46% of the people who overdose in northwest Ohio.

The elderly also have higher risks of being used. Family members or caregivers with addictions can steal medication from the elderly.

You can report adult neglect by calling 419-538-4580