Findlay High School Victim Of Another Hoax Shooter Call

Findlay High School went through another swatting situation on Tuesday morning.

Police Chief James Mathias, in the video below, says a call came into police dispatch at 9:36 Tuesday morning about a person in the high school with a rifle.

The caller said he had an AR-15 style rifle and was holding two students hostage in a second floor restroom. 

The school went into lockdown and the SafeDefend active shooter protection system was activated and numerous law enforcement responded to the scene.

The chief said the school was searched by police and no threats were found and everyone was safe.

The high school was also the victim of an active shooter hoax in September of 2022.

Swatting is a term used to describe the action of making hoax phone calls to report serious crimes to emergency services to elicit a large police response.

Get more from the chief in the video below.