Findlay House Severely Damaged In Fire To Be Demolished

It turns out that a Findlay house severely damaged in a fire last May will be torn down after all.

Last November, the City of Findlay said the owners of 824 South Main Street told the city they planned to repair the damage, and that structural engineers determined the house would be able to be fixed up.

Now, the owners have decided to have the house torn down, with the demolition to be facilitated by the city.

The city says the money for the demolition will come from the homeowners’ insurance escrow account.

Demolition is slated for March 1st.

A few weeks after the fire, Fire Chief Josh Eberle told WFIN that the official cause was listed as undetermined. (video of the fire is below)

He said there was a significant amount of damage done to the area of origin, making it hard to pinpoint the exact cause.

And when investigators can’t arrive at a specific cause, a fire must be listed as undetermined.

The house had not been lived in for a while and nobody was injured in the fire.

The house was built in 1898 by Milton Neff, whose family owned Neff Lumber Company in Findlay.

It was in the Neff Family for nearly 100 years until it was sold to the current owners in 1996.