Findlay Students To Work At Chick-fil-A For A Day

Chamberlin Hill Elementary announced the three finalists in its CH Shake competition.

CH Shake is a professional skills competition in which 5th grade students went through three rounds of handshakes, conversations and interviews and also had to develop a business plan and present it to a panel of judges.

The finalists were Eliza White, Sylvia Alimov and Katie Lichtle who will now represent the school for a day at Chick-fil-A.

On March 6th the students will report to Chick-fil-A and work alongside employees, doing everything from the cash register to the dining room and drive-thru, and at the end of the day the restaurant will choose a winner.

The winning student will receive Chick-fil-A for their class, and if they end up being the Hancock County winner they’ll receive Chick-fil-A for their entire school.

“They are very excited, they’ve all worked so hard,” said STEAM teacher Tonya Thorbahn.

“I wish you could’ve seen their business proposals because they were just dynamic, and even the judges said we don’t think there are adults that could’ve done what these kids did.”

In the video below we talk to the youngsters about their business proposals and get more from STEAM teacher Tonya Thorbahn and Reading Specialist Rhonda Hiatt.