Findlay Mayor Appointed To Prescription Drug Council

Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn has been appointed to the state’s prescription drug advisory council.

Details are in the following media release from the City of Findlay.

On January 27th Governor Mike DeWine announced his appointment of Findlay Mayor, Christina Muryn, as the local elected official to serve on the Prescription Drug Transparency and Affordability Advisory Council for the State of Ohio.

The council which was created out of House Bill 166 is now mandated in the Ohio Revised Code 125.95. The focus of the council is to provide recommendations to the Administration on:

(1) How this state can best achieve prescription drug price transparency;

(2) New payment models or other avenues to create the most affordable environment for purchasing prescription drugs;

(3) Leveraging this state’s purchasing power across all state agencies, boards, commissions, and similar entities;

(4) Creating efficiencies across different health care systems, such as hospitals, the criminal justice system, treatment and recovery support programs, and employer-sponsored health insurance, to reduce duplicative service delivery across these systems, ensure that patients receive high quality and affordable prescription drugs, and support quality care and outcomes;

(5) Which critical outcomes can be measured and used to improve this state’s system of purchasing affordable prescribed drugs; and

(6) How federal, state, and local resources are being used to optimize these outcomes and identify where the resources can be better coordinated or redirected to meet the needs of consumers in this state.

“I am excited to represent the City of Findlay and local elected office holders across the State of Ohio on the advisory council.” said Mayor Muryn. “The rising costs of prescription medications are out of control. This not only affects the citizens of Findlay, but businesses and the City of Findlay directly given we are a self-insured entity. I appreciate the Governor allowing me the opportunity to use my prior experience in the healthcare field to serve in this capacity.

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