Findlay Police Officer Fostering Goat Found In Car

The Findlay Police Department says several of their officers help the community by fostering children in need of a home, and now they have one more “kid” to add to the family.

The police department says officers came across and abandoned Dodge Charger with out of state plates while on patrol Wednesday night.

While checking the vehicle, officers discovered a single occupant…a goat.

The police department says the owner could not be located and the goat was in distress and in need of food and water.

Officer Jake Atkins, being a K-9 handler and having a soft spot for animals, agreed to foster the goat for animal control since their resources were limited.

The police department says the goat is in good hands until the rightful owner can be located.

The goat has been given the temporary name of “Dodge” by Officer Atkins.