Findlay Reminding People To Clear Their Sidewalk Of Snow

The City of Findlay is asking people to be good neighbors and to remember to clear their sidewalk after it snows.

The city reminds residents that, per city ordinance 906.02, it is the responsibility of property owners to clear their sidewalks following snow events.

The ordinance states that snowfall must be removed from the sidewalk within 12 hours after it falls or within two hours after being notified by the city to do so.

The owners or occupants of abutting lots and land in the City shall keep the sidewalk in front of and along their respective lots in good repair and free from filth, mud or any nuisance. The owners or occupants shall remove all snow, ice and dirt from the sidewalk along or in front of their respective property within twelve hours after any snowfall or within two hours after being notified by the Service-Safety Director to remove the same.