Findlay Spending Will Likely Outpace Revenue In 2019

12/13/18 – 5:05 A.M.

Findlay City Council is going through budget hearings for 2019. The Courier reports the city expects to receive $28.4 million in revenue for the year. Operational spending could total around $30 million. Auditor Jim Staschiak says while it’s not a balanced budget, the city has cash on hand to make up the difference.

Staschiak adds that the city departments are good at saving money and finishing under budget for the year. He expects they’ll return around $1.1 million to the general fund for 2018. That will give the city a carryover balance of $10.7 million going into 2019.

City council approved a budget that outpaced revenue by $1.6 million for this year.

Department budget hearings continue today.

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