Findlay’s Riverside Park Among Parks Receiving Grant Money

Findlay’s Riverside Park is among parks that will be seeing some improvements from grant money approved by the Hancock Park District’s Board of Commissioners.

The commissioners recently approved the Hancock Park District’s 2019 Community Park Improvement Program Grant recommendations.

The park district said the maximum amount of $96,000 was allocated for the program this year.

The money will be going to parks to a total of 11 entities, including the City of Findlay and 10 villages.

Findlay will be getting about $15,000 to repair and replace some of the sidewalks at Riverside Park and to replace trees and other parks.

The full list is below.

Village of Van Buren
Grant: $9,353.91 to install perimeter fence around
Hoadley Park and renovate restrooms at the Sports

Village of Arcadia
Grant: $9,975.00 to seal coat parking lots.

Village of Arlington
Grant: $6,581.80 to epoxy pool house floors and
purchase a variety of chairs for the swimming pool

Village of Benton Ridge
Grant: $6,574.34 to finish the update of the rented
shelter house and bring the restrooms up to ADA

City of Findlay
Grant: $14,961.45 to replace or repair walkways at
Riverside Park and replace trees in city parks.

Village of Jenera
Grant: $9,925.00 to cover the restroom facility
with a classic rib metal roof and purchase a new
furnace and air conditioning system for the
community building.

Village of McComb
Grant: $7,708.50 to construct accessible walkways
for two restroom facilities and purchase a Single
Post Swing 4-Seat Set, an Arch Tire Swing Single
Bay, a Tween Swing, six swing seats, and a tire
swing for the playground.

Village of Mt. Blanchard
Grant: $10,000.00 toward the renovation of the
restroom facility at the Island Park swimming pool.

Village of Mt. Cory
Grant: $2,870.00 to replace two refrigerators and
purchase two countertop microwaves for the
community building, purchase a new tennis net,
and paint the shuffleboard courts.

Village of Rawson
Grant: $9,000.00 toward the construction of the
restroom facility.

Village of Vanlue
Grant: $9,050.00 to redo the kitchen floor in the
main shelter building and add new playground
equipment to the existing play area.

TOTAL GRANT: $96,000.00