Firearms Trainer Talks About Background Checks And Gun Control

02/22/18 – 4:50 P.M.

Gun control has been a topic ofcontroversy and WFIN had an expert on to talk about gun control currently in place in Ohio. Freedom Firearms Training’s Rich Fowler explained that there is a background check to buy a gun.

Rich Fowler

Fowler said this is done through a licensed firearm dealer as part of the ATF form 4473. He added that it is a felony to lie on these forms but that it does happen. There is also no waiting period. He said that process can take days or just a few hours depending on if you’ve been through the system before.

Fowler said that there isn’t a formal registry for guns in the state.

Rich Fowler

Fowler said that both sides of gun control are often demonized heavily. He added that most gun owners will agree that some form of control is necessary but a ban is too much.