First SmartLane Opens In Ohio To Relieve Traffic Congestion

The first SmartLane in Ohio has opened.

ODOT officials say drivers began using the lane on I-670 eastbound in Columbus on Wednesday afternoon.

The SmartLane is the left inside shoulder on eastbound I-670 and opens as an additional lane during peak times of traffic to relieve congestion.

It uses technology to manage access and the speed limit, as well as to communicate with drivers on the route.

A green arrow will appear when the lane is in use and a red X will appear when it isn’t in use.

“This project represents a shift in the way we think about dealing with traffic congestion. Not only will the SmartLane get Central Ohioans home faster, this new technology will allow us to truly manage traffic, not just monitor it,” said ODOT Director Jack Marchbanks.

The SmartLane is a pilot project for Ohio, and stretches along eight lane miles of eastbound I-670, from I-71 to I-270.