Fostoria Officials Address Concerns About Water

1/15/19 – 4:53 A.M.

Fostoria officials are addressing rumors about the city’s drinking water supply. Mayor Eric Keckler says because of rising concerns about the Sunny Farms Landfill, “there’s a lot of misinformation out there.”

Keckler says the city gets its drinking water from the Portage River. It takes water from the river upstream of the wastewater treatment plant. He adds that a bad smell and taste in the water doesn’t have anything to do with the landfill. Keckler adds the issue is the result of reservoir turnover. That’s a process where organic material at the bottom of the reservoir rises to the top due to temperature changes.

Keckler says the water treatment plant filters out most the organic matter, but it still leaves a bitter taste and smell. He adds that freezing temperatures should help reduce the issue.

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