Fostoria Residents Sound Off On Sunny Farms Landfill Issues

2/14/19 – 5:02 A.M.

More than 200 people were on hand at a meeting to discuss problems at the Sunny Farms Landfill Wednesday night. Representatives of Sunny Farms, the Seneca County General Health District, and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency all attended and attempted to answer questions. Ben Nutter from Sunny Farms says they are working to correct odor issues…


However, Nutter’s answers didn’t do much to calm the crowd on hand. Many said the bad smell continues.

Dina Pierce is with the Ohio EPA and talked about what her agency is doing to try and hold the landfill’s owners responsible…


Pierce says projects like gas extraction wells will take longer to complete. Many outbursts in the crowd made it clear that changes couldn’t come soon enough.

Representatives from Sunny Farms said they are working to comply with EPA orders. Matt Eely is the senior vice president of Tunnel Hill Partners, the owner of Sunny Farms. He said they are going to build a permanent wastewater treatment plant at the facility.

Health concerns stem from the smells created by hydrogen sulfide. Ohio Department of Health representatives said the Center for Disease Control has found no connection between hydrogen sulfide and cancer among humans.

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