Friends Of BVS Building More “Little Free Library” Locations

7/24/17 – 6:49 A.M.

An effort to get more kids in the community to read is expanding. The Courier reports Friends of BVS are installing “Little Free Library” locations at Findlay’s primary and intermediate schools. They first installed a location at the Blanchard Valley School a few years ago.

The locations allow kids to take a book whenever they like. Friends of BVS board president Christina Treece says the idea is that if you take a book you also leave a book. However, she said there are no due dates and whether you return a book is up to you.

Treece says the “Little Free Libraries” help serve kids who might not be able to get to the library. She adds it’s helpful for parents who have kids with behavioral issues and worry their children might damage the books.

The top shelf of the locations also have dry goods for area families in need.

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