Garner Trucking Presented With Industry Award

Garner Trucking, which is headquartered in Findlay, was presented with the inaugural ATA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Change Leader Award.

American Trucking Associations (ATA) recognized Garner Trucking for its commitment to creating a culture of acceptance and belonging for their employees.

The Diversity Equity and Inclusion Change Leader Award, sponsored by TenStreet, encourages ATA members to implement a DEI program or continue to improve an established company DEI program.

The nominations were critiqued on the ability to develop a program, improve an existing program, and measure and benchmark a successful culture of acceptance and inclusion.

“I am proud of my Garner team receiving the ATA Change Leader award,” said Garner Trucking President and CEO Sherri Garner Brumbaugh.

“I believe this shows our commitment to an accepting culture throughout our organization and the trucking industry, where all people can find a place to belong!”