Governor: Ohio Taking Steps To Improve Safety At Schools

In the wake of the school shooting in Texas, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine on Friday outlined steps the state will be taking that he says will enhance the safety of students and teachers in Ohio.

The governor says the state must do more to strengthen the physical security of schools, and also ensure that school personnel have the proper training and support to keep students safe.

“It is important to identify early on someone who is having problems in order to intervene and get them the help they need,” DeWine said.

The priorities the governor outlined are:

– Comprehensive Behavioral Threat Assessment Training for Ohio Educators

– Strengthening Ohio’s Mental Health Workforce

– Enhanced Statewide Safety Support for Schools

– Improved Physical Safety in Ohio’s School Buildings

– Enhanced Penalties for Violent Crime

– Accurate and Complete Background Checks

The governor says these priorities will focus on helping school officials evaluate potential threats and develop appropriate responses, as well as improve the physical security of school buildings and campuses.

The governor said he’ll also work to expand Ohio’s behavioral health workforce to increase access to mental health services.

On June 13th, Ohio’s permitless carry law that the governor signed in March will go into effect.

The new law allows people in Ohio to carry a concealed firearm without having to obtain a permit or take a training course.

The law also removes a requirement to tell officers about the weapon during a traffic stop unless asked.

Many in law enforcement voiced their opposition to the bill, including the Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio, which believes it will create a greater threat to officer safety.