Governor Says Stay Home Or Hospitals Will Be Overrun

As of Thursday afternoon there were 867 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Ohio and 15 deaths.

Hancock County reported its second confirmed case on Thursday. Look over the complete numbers here.

At the Thursday update, Dr. Amy Acton said, based on the best data we have, the state could see 6 to 8, thousand new cases a day during the peak surge around May 1st.

“The more we can push that surge off, the better hospitals can prepare their systems,” she said.

Governor DeWine said what we do now will determine if our hospitals get overrun.

“If we overrun Ohio’s hospitals and get to a situation where our medical teams are making life and death decisions. We don’t want to be in that position. I worry about this every day. Stay home.”

The governor also said it is possible that schools will not return this academic year, and he says teachers, administrators and parents are doing amazing work with distance learning.

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