Group Working To Save Golf Course East Of Findlay

A local group of investors is working to save Red Hawk Run Golf Course.

The golf course, on U.S. 224 east of Findlay, was sold to the Red Hawk Run Community Association and another buyer last fall.

Now a group of investors needs to raise $700,000 in the form of memberships and shares of stock to have Red Hawk Run open this spring.

Gene Fernandez, treasurer of the Red Hawk Run Community Association board, knows the timing couldn’t be worse to try and raise the money in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Are we nuts for trying to do this, probably, but we’re putting it in God’s hands, if he wants it to be a golf course he’ll turn it into a golf course.”

He says they only have until Tuesday, March 31st to raise the money, because after that the grass will really start growing and the course will get away from them.

A share of stock is going for $5,000 and the memberships range in price from $400 to $2,000 a year.

“You’d be helping to save a course that’s known in this region as one of the premier courses,” Gene added.

Get more details on the effort to save the course here.

Laura Fahl