Governor: We Are Strong, We Will Get Through This

As of Wednesday afternoon there were 704 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Ohio and 10 deaths.

Hancock County was still at one case. You can look over the complete numbers here.

Governor DeWine says Ohio has received its share of PPEs, personal protective equipment like masks, gowns and face shields, but it’s not enough.

“That is why we have ordered elective surgeries to be postponed – including dental surgeries and elective veterinary services. This will make a difference for our first responders.”

The governor says he is very appreciative of other businesses sharing their PPE, as are career and technical schools, construction businesses and others.

“To all those who are sharing their supplies of PPE – #ThankYou! If there are any of you who can add to this, we appreciate it!”

People experiencing coronavirus symptoms of shortness of breath, cough, fever of 100.4 or higher and fatigue should call the Blanchard Valley Hospital COVID-19 testing center at 419-423-7890.

For local information and resources people can call the Hancock County Resource Call Center at 419-425-9999.