Ohio’s Severe Weather Week Overshadowed By Coronavirus

March 22nd through the 28th is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Ohio.

Hancock County EMA Director Lee Swisher understands everyone’s focus is on the coronavirus now, but says with families at home together, now’s the perfect time to talk about severe weather safety and to make sure your family is prepared.

He says families should run a tornado drill so everyone knows where to go in the house in the event of a tornado.

Also, people should have a NOAA weather radio in their emergency kits along with a flashlight, water and food and medications.

Swisher says tornadoes get all the headlines but that lightning is one of the most dangerous things during severe weather.

He points out that lightning can strike where you are even if the storm is way off in the distance.

“Lightning can reach out ahead of storms and behind of storms, that’s why we say when thunder roars, go indoors.”

The Statewide Tornado Drill that was scheduled for Wednesday was canceled due to everyone’s focus being on the coronavirus.

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