Historic Findlay House To Become Bed And Breakfast

The Findlay City Planning Commission has given the go-ahead for an historic house to become a bed and breakfast.

A man from Minnesota is moving to Findlay and plans to convert the Charles Bigelow house at 2816 North Main Street into a B&B.

The planning commission approved the proposal at its most recent meeting.

Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn is a fan of the B&B idea.

“Individuals would be able to stay for a couple days at a time and be able to enjoy staying in the community and also in a beautiful historical home.”



The mayor says she supports the project because a B&B would make good use of the property and there wouldn’t be any disruptions to neighbors with it being a large lot.

She says there’s been other people in the community interested in opening a B&B but those properties just haven’t quite been the right fit, but she thinks this location will work out nicely.

The Charles Bigelow house at 2816 North Main Street is listed on the National Register of Historic Places so the mayor says it’s existing architecture won’t be allowed to be changed too much as it becomes a bed and breakfast.

Realtor.com says, built during the gas boom, the house still has many of its original fixtures.

There are 7 fireplaces, most are non-operational, but the exterior beauty and craftsmanship remain.