Holiday House Tour In Tiffin

(From Tiffin Historic Trust)

The 2023 Tiffin Historic Trust Holiday House Tour on Sunday, December 3, from 1 to 5 PM, features the beauty of area houses of worship (Christian Churches) and older historic homes, some of which serve as commercial residences. Eight buildings are included in the self-guided tour. Visitors can admire both the architecture and the holiday decorations of the beautifully maintained buildings, some of which have received Historic Preservation Awards from Tiffin Historic Trust.

The Holiday House Tour ticket includes a map showing the locations of the sites. Several homeowners are offering holiday refreshments to their guests.

Tickets are available until December 2, at Great Lakes Ace Hardware (1550 W. Market Street) and (Simply Susan’s, 70 S. Washington Street, Tiffin). On the Sunday of the tour, December 3, tickets will only be available at the Grammes-Brown House, 172 Jefferson Street, Tiffin. The ticket donation is $20 per person.