Sheriff’s Office: ‘Tis The Season For Scammers

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office is reminding everyone that scammers always seem to get busier around the holidays and this year is no exception.

The sheriff’s office posted the following on its social media.

Tis the season! Scammers are going strong. We have 2 scams that we are receiving calls on. One is the “you missed court and if you don’t pay you will get arrested” and the other is the “I am (name), your grandchild, and I just got arrested for (whatever) and need bail money.” Please do not send money to anyone unless you are 100% sure it is legit! And law enforcement and the courts do not contact and threaten to arrest by call, email, or text. Please be careful with your money, so you can enjoy a happy holiday season. Be safe out there!