Humane Society Offers Halloween Advice For Pet Owners

The Humane Society and SPCA of Hancock County has some Halloween and trick-or-treat advice for pet owners.

1. Keep your pets in a secure place INSIDE- room, crate, etc. so they do not run out the door when you are handing out candy.

2. Make sure your dog has their dog tag on their collar. For a cat, a break-away collar and some tag to identify them and a way to contact you if they get out.

3. Even if your pet normally likes strangers, remember that these strangers will be dressed up and may stress out your animal – keep a close eye on your pet!

4. Do not force your pet to dress up. If he/she does not want to be dressed up for Halloween, respect their wishes.

5. Keep candy/treats out of your pet’s reach! It can be dangerous – even lethal.

People are also being reminded, when going trick-or-treating, that it’s not okay for children to run up to strange dogs.

Even if the dog seems friendly they may be stressed out from all the excitement.

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The pictures with this story are from the Humane Society’s Howl-O-Ween event last year.