K9 Units Sweep Findlay High School In Routine Search

Findlay High School was on a level two lockdown late Monday morning so K9’s could sweep the school.

Principal Ryan Imke said they partner with local law enforcement for the routine sweeps.

Imke explained that this is routine and that the K9 units ask the school to go on a lockdown.

Imke said they don’t notify parents or students of the search beforehand because it often depends on the availability of the K9’s and because it would defeat the purpose of having the search.

Imke also explained the difference between a level 1 and a level 2 lockdown.

A level 1 lockdown means that the school is put on alert and students aren’t allowed to leave but classes will go on as scheduled.

A level 2 lockdown means the classrooms are locked and students cannot leave them.