Local Farmers Talk About Impact Of Trade War

7/26/18 – 5:16 A.M.

A trade war between the U.S. and other countries has area farmers concerned. The Courier recently talked to several farmers in our area about how they view subsidies designed to provide relief to those in the agriculture industry. Cecil Boes raises Holstein beef cattle and grain in the area. He tells the newspaper that he understands what President Trump is doing in the trade battle but adds agriculture is taking the heaviest hit.

Duane Stateler of McComb says he’d rather have trade than a subsidy. He believes it gives agriculture a bad name. John Motter believes the subsidy program is a bad sign, and that it could mean we’re in for a long trade war.

The battles over trade with the European Union might not last long. On Wednesday Mr. Trump and European Union Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker announced they had reached an agreement to boost soybean sales in the E.U. That could help boost slumping soybean prices for local farmers.

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