Lowe’s Employees Tackle Volunteer Projects For Findlay City Schools

7/26/18 – 5:28 A.M.

More than 200 Lowe’s employees from all across the region are volunteering in Findlay this week. The group is tackling several projects for the Findlay City School district.

One of the projects includes a sensory room for students with autism at Jefferson Primary school. The room will include dim lighting and sensory boards. It will also have a swing for students with autism who like a sense of motion. The volunteers are also building a section on the playground for students who feel overstimulated.

At the high school court yard the group is installing a water feature, a walkway made of pavers, a pergola and a shed to store lawn equipment.

Perrysburg Lowe’s store manager Misty Handly says some volunteers traveled more than an hour to help out.

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