Local Police Agencies Could Get Body And Dash Cams Through New Grant Program

The Findlay Police Department and Hancock County Sheriff’s Office could end up getting body and cruiser cameras through a new state grant program.

On Monday, Governor DeWine announced a $250 million grant program to help first responder agencies counter increases in violent crime and to mitigate impacts to staffing levels and first-responder wellness caused by the pandemic.

The grant program will be paid for by funds from the American Rescue Plan Act.

Local communities will have flexibility in how they would be allowed to use the funds.

Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn and Findlay Police Chief Robert Ring were on stage with the governor at the news conference in Columbus and Mayor Muryn was welcomed to the podium by the governor.



As Mayor Muryn said in her comments in the audio above, Findlay may look at getting body cams for its police officers and dash cams for their cruisers through this grant program.

However, that’s not official just yet, and the mayor said there might be other items that make sense to apply for through the program such as dealing with crime lab backup issues and other technology to help police solve crimes.

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office says it will be looking at acquiring body and vehicle cameras through this new grant program.

The new grant program still has to be approved by the Ohio Legislature.