Marion Township Trustees Vote Against Rezoning For Wind Turbines

6/1/18 – 5:08 A.M.

The Marion Township trustees voted against a bid to rezone land to make way for wind turbines during a Thursday meeting. The land in question sits southeast of the intersection of Crystal and Bigelow avenues. It’s currently zoned R-2 residential. One Energy would like it rezoned as industrial.

Jereme Kent of One Energy says he believes the company will still build one or two turbines in that area. He added that there are several paths forward, including applying for a zoning variance from the Marion Township zoning appeals board.

While residents in the area had concerns about the construction of wind turbines, they were also worried about Findlay annexing the land into the city. Trustee Jim Gosche says it makes more sense to build homes there since the city already lacks affordable housing.

Others on hand had concerns about low-income housing going up on the land if the city annexes it. Goshe said if the city annexes the land, the township doesn’t have any control over what happens there.

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