Mayors Alliance Announces 2021 Policy Priorities

The Ohio Mayors Alliance has announced its policy priorities for 2021, which focus on local recovery efforts, resiliency, and equity.

The mayors also discussed a letter sent to Ohio’s congressional delegation urging them to come together and pass a bipartisan COVID-relief bill that includes direct, flexible fiscal assistance to frontline communities.

“Our communities have been on the frontlines responding to this health and economic crisis and we’ve appreciated our strong working relationship with our state and federal partners,” said Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn. (pictured above)

“While there is reason to be hopeful in 2021, there is still much more critical work to do to respond and recover from this pandemic.”

Muryn and other mayors say their communities need continued support to respond to and fully recover from the pandemic.

“For some communities, the need for direct, flexible fiscal relief could not be more urgent,” said Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley.

“To sustain our response efforts and recover effectively, we need a significant infusion of resources to support our frontline communities and bolster our local economies.”

The Ohio Mayors Alliance policy priorities for 2021 focused on Recovery, Resiliency, and Equity include:

-Supporting a safe, stable, and strong recovery from the coronavirus pandemic

-Addressing racial inequality, promoting justice, improving public safety

-Advocating for a balanced redistricting process that strengthens our democracy

-Promoting the economic impacts of cities and the value of continued investments

-Strengthening educational attainment and career pathways for the next generation

-Advancing clean energy solutions and supporting improved sustainability

-Promoting healthy communities and continuing to confront the addiction crisis

-Protecting and promoting the importance of home rule for local communities

-Finding solutions for more accessible housing and cities comprehensive infrastructure needs

Formed in 2016, the Ohio Mayors Alliance is a bipartisan coalition of mayors in the largest 30 cities by population.