Meet One Of The Pilots At Flag City BalloonFest

It was great flying weather at Flag City BalloonFest on Friday morning and that’s when WFIN’s Matt Demczyk was fortunate enough to go on a flight.

Matt went up with pilot Steve Wilkinson, from Palm Springs, California in Steve’s Cosmic Crisp apple-shaped balloon.

Steve has been flying hot air balloons for 42 years all across the world and also takes part in competitions.

It was a very smooth flight, and landing, as they landed in the backyard of a home a little south of Findlay.

At the end of the third video below you can see the family come out and check out the balloon and get more of our talk with Steve.

Flag City BalloonFest is being held on August 12th, 13th and 14th at Findlay’s Emory Adams Park.