More Hometown Hero Banners On Display In Findlay

Dozens of additional Hometown Hero banners are now on display along Main Street in Findlay to honor local members of the military.

This new batch of banners will be up through May, June and July.



Mayor Christina Muryn says the banners include active, retired and deceased service members and line Main Street from Lima Street up to Center Street.

She says you’ll notice some banners with the same last name displayed close to each other.




This is the second batch of banners to be displayed.

The first banners went up in November.

If you’d like to honor a loved one or someone you know with one of the banners, click here for ordering information.

There is a box to check if you are unable to afford the fee for the banner and would like to be considered for sponsorship.

(below is video of the latest banners and below that is a list of everyone on the banners)