More Than 30 BB Gun Vandalism Incidents Reported This Month

12/13/18 – 9:53 A.M.
UPDATE – 10:11 A.M. (Adds second audio cut)

The Findlay Police Department is looking into another rash of BB gun vandalism in the city. Lt. Jim Mathias says they received 10 more reports of car and house windows getting shot with BB guns on Tuesday and Wednesday. There have been more than 30 similar incidents since November 30. Mathias says they can’t confirm the incidents are all related yet…

Audio:Lt. Jim Mathias

Mathias says most of the incidents have happened late at night or early in the morning. If you hear anything suspicious like glass breaking, Mathias says you should call the police to report it. The number to call is 419-424-7150.

If you have a video doorbell or security camera, you might want to check that too…

Audio:Jim Mathias

Mathias adds they are following up on a few leads to try and track down the suspect or suspects.